The Poem Stone
On this stone is carved a poem by the poet Morten Søndergaard in the style of a so-called sentence loop, meaning a sentence that loops around a stone with no beginning or end, allowing it to be read from different sides and thereby interpreted in different ways.

The four sides of the Poem Stone read as follows:

kæmper der ved at her vil (giants who know that here)
kimingen gå igennem os altid og vi (the horizon line shall ever run through us and we)
ses helst fra ryggen (endeavour to show only our backs)
og fortsætter og fortsætter udad for at vi er (and continue, continue, onwards, for we are)

The horizon line is where the sky and sea meet.

The sentence toys with the notion of infinity, which can easily be interpreted as a poetised characteristic of the islander and their relationship to the sea and rocks and the infinite nature of these elements from the perspective of man.

Morten Søndergaard has been recognised as one of Denmark’s best poets, and it is not the first time he has created poetry works for public spaces.

Commissioned and constructed by Jakob Hansens Literature Festival, which was a part of The Culture Week in 2016of Bornholm.

The installation is made from granite from Paradisbakkerne (Paradise Hills).